Clinical Trials Pros & Cons

You should be aware of the risks and benefits of participating in clinical trials. Learn as much as you can about clinical trials and the clinical trial you might want to enroll in before you decide to participate. Even when you are first diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you might want to consider a clinical trial. Clinical trials are not only the last resort.


  • Might help someone with ovarian cancer in the future
  • You may get a new treatment that works better than a current treatment
  • You may feel empowered about taking control of your health care
  • You will probably get specialized care from the health care team monitoring you during the trial


  • New treatment may have side effects
  • The new treatment may not work for you, though it may work for others
  • The inconvenience of extra visits to the doctor may be burdensome
  • You don’t have a choice in getting the experimental vs. the traditional treatment
  • Insurance might not cover all the costs

Watch OCRF’s Informational Clinical Trials Video