Since 2007, OCRF has joined forces with leading multimedia retailer, QVC, to present nationwide access to OCRF’s signature event and shopping extravaganza, Super Saturday. QVC Presents Super Saturday Live is a two-hour broadcast that brings all of the celebrity, media excitement, and incredible bargains from Super Saturday into the homes of over 100 million viewers across the country. With the help of participating designers, over 22,000 products sold out in our inaugural partnership with QVC and netted $580,000 for OCRF in 2007.

Every purchase made during these broadcasts are accompanied by informational material about OCRF and ovarian cancer. The broadcast offers OCRF the opportunity to share its mission with a national audience, including special segments about OCRF funded research and its Woman to Woman support program, sponsored by QVC. In total, QVC has donated over $7.4 million to OCRF. OCRF is grateful to QVC for bringing our message into over 100 million homes.