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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Smita Mahajan

Personal Description:


For my wonderful, strong, and loving mother who passed away from ovarian cancer after giving it a brave fight for almost 8 months.She lost her battle with ovarian cancer on June 6, 2012. She will be missed every second of every day.

In an old picture above she is holding my younger sister!

Last updated on: 06/14/2012



Anand and family,

My thoughts are with you.


Kate Noer – 06/14/2012

Dear Anand & Family,

Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. We are thinking of you during this difficult time!

Innoveer Solutions – 06/14/2012

At first I thought there was too much for me to read at one time (eye pmleobrs) than I started reading a little at a time, and your story held my attention, wow.Thanks for sharing your struggles. Yes, Dec can be such a hard month to go through with so many past memories and new ones that come along.I pray that your next two apointments will also be good news for you.My biggest struggle ( the newest) is trying to heal from my knee surg.There are some super hard days with more pain than others.Espec.after the P.Therapy exercises, the day after is not that easy either.How do I get by daily? Lots of frequent prayers and some crying to relieve the stress of daily pain. It is getting better but it just takes too much time to go by each day. I do look for the tiny steps of progess that happens. they are there, you just have to notice them and thank God for them.(this includes you doing the same in your life.) Love, Dotty

Darling Darling – 07/27/2012

If I were a Teneage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!”

Wilma Wilma – 07/28/2012

Oh Vivian. May God’s peace and presence wash over you like a flood. May His grace lift you and eouncrage you and be far more than enough for the emotions and fears and appointments.

Abdul Abdul – 07/28/2012