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Edith Wheeler

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Mom I miss you every day. It is so hard to believe you’re not here. I lost my Mom & my best fiend to this horrible disease. I am so grateful for the time I had with you. I know you are not hurting anymore. I love yhou Mom!

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Edith was a loving wife & Mother. Married for 58 years to her husband Jack. She had 2 children. Daughter Jackie & Son Robbie. She fought ovarian cancer for 3 hard years but lost her battle October 20, 2011 just 1 week after turning 85 years old.

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Like I was saying the other night about edintig talent!Right now I’m trying to write a paper proposal about the ways in which everyday activities get archived in short, participatory media users are curators of our own everyday lives. Having been to your house, I get a sense of how this video is about more than hand washing, but also about the spaces and rituals associated with it all. I know where each of those sinks is and how each one requires an ever-so-slightly different technique thanks for the inspiration!

Eusebio Eusebio – 07/28/2012

An itnelliegnt answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

Dayana Dayana – 09/03/2012