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Mary Bustamante

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“I shall have all that I have ever wanted when I am in Your presence. Heaven!” Mom, you are the loving warmth of a thousand rays of sunshine, the gentle touch of the whispering wind, the tug on my heart at the scent of your sweet perfume, the reminder of hope at the thought of your courage, the true example of unconditional love that you poured into my life. I miss you so much mama. Loving you to the moon and back!

Personal Description:

Mary lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer 34 days after diagnosis. “marybee” was a devoted mother,gram, Nana, teacher, friend, prayer warrior, volunteer, do-er and giver throughout her entire life. She was widowed at the age of 33 and raised 5 children on her own. She was an enemy to know one and a friend to all. She loved to bake, play piano, hula, pray,master Sudoko and crossword puzzles, travel, read, cross stitch, quilt, sew, embroider, and most important she loved to LIVE!!!! As your great grandson Alex said at your Celebration. “I love my Nana, she was Great!” We miss you so much mom.

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I have no idea what you mean. Of course no one dies of “old age” so what are you trynig to compare to? And what age do you need to be to be considered “old”?And what makes you think none of those people were asleep?EDIT: I am still not following you. No one refers to someone dying of old age, except for some patients will make that statement and it is counted as unknown as there is no such thing.There is no way of knowing how long those people were ill the study doesn’t mention it.You can also be seriously ill a long time and not be old.So the answer to your question is yes more people die from cancer than from old age, as no one dies of old age.

Vina Vina – 09/03/2012