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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Alma Porter

Personal Description:


I would like to make this tribute to my mom Alma May Jenkins Porter, February 23, 1941 to September 23, 2000.
I love and miss my mom with all my heart.

Personal Description:

I lost my mom to ovarian cancer in September of 2000.
She had a hard battle and she fought with all her heart to fight this cancer. Her family stayed with her until the very end. We took shifts so someone was with her 24 hours a day, since she wanted to be at home. She went thru so much
I felt so honored for her to be my mom and she was so strong to go through this battle with everything she had. She wanted to fight this and she did everything she could to fight this cancer.
We all miss you and love you MOM!!!!

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At last, smoneoe comes up with the “right” answer!

Finch Finch – 07/14/2011

I’m not ealsiy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

Janelle Janelle – 07/14/2011

Umm. she is obsessed with her body. She talks ledlnssey about it, and calls herself fat. She is also underweight, and she looks gross in a bikini. I don’t get why she is seen as a picture of health. A woman who is 93lbs and has her rib cage showing, and gets stress fractures from over exercising has a problem!

Giliarde Giliarde – 03/29/2012

Congratulations on your walk Mel and for doing such a wonderful thing! I agree that the pink thing crteeas more good than bad! Yesterday I ran into a woman who I recognized as being our favorite checker from Trader Joes (do you shop at the Bressi Ranch TJ?). I almost didn’t recognize her because she was wearing a bandana to cover her bald head. We stopped to talk and it turns out she is going through treatment for breast cancer. I thought about you and all the other walkers and my heart was happy to know so many people were doing something good for this insidiuos disease. I have always thought about doing it–maybe next year. Thanks for your inspiration and your dedication!

Cristian Cristian – 09/03/2012