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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Angela Bruno

Personal Description:


To my mother, my best friend, and the strongest and bravest woman that I have ever met. To the succulent wild spirit that I love so much!

Personal Description:

My mother battled this tenacious disease for 6 years, and on July 30, 2009 her body needed a break. My mom was a fighter until the very end, and I only hope that I can show the strength and determination she has shown throughout her life. Angela, lived with a gentle, open heart and an adventurous spirit. She exuded a genuine warmth and inner strength without uttering a word. But when she did speak, her words were compassionate, thoughtful, honest and wise. Angela loved to travel and she did so with wide-eyed curiosity. She particularly loved California, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and the Caribbean. Wherever she went, Angela brought her fiesty and sassy sense of humor. Her smile and laughter were contagious. Angela lived knowing that anything was possible and she will be remembered for the whimsical joy and the inspiring guidance she shared with all who knew her. Angela was a true Angel on earth who may have left us in body, but her spirit will always be with us: singing, dancing and filling the world with hope!

Last updated on: 08/05/2009


Mommy, I love you!!!

Candace Bruno – 08/05/2009

met her on a cruise–will remember her always!!

vickie austin – 08/05/2009

Met Angela at Camp-Mak-A-Dream in 2007 and 2008. She had such an infectious smile. We spent lots of time talking and she was a wonderful woman who will be terribly missed.

Liz Brown – 08/05/2009

Angela Marie Bruno was indeed pure love light and JOY, to her loving and strong Family and to all those fortunate to have met her. True to her namesake she was and will remain an Angel and an inspiration.

Christine DeMuro – 08/06/2009

My sister is a cancer survivor going on 8 years. but our family never forgets how lucky we are every day. God speed

DENISE SMITH – 08/06/2009

I used to work with Angela years ago. She was always smiling and happy. I have been thinking of her in the past few months. I did’t know she was sick. I am lucky to have known her. She was a great person.

Sandy Cannon – 08/06/2009

I met Angela back in 1974. She was a bridesmaid on my wedding. Abeautiful , special one, what a Honor it has been to have shared a small corner of her world.. will miss her, everyday…..

Margaret DeNorscio – 08/07/2009

I met Angela at camp in 2006 and we hit it off right away. We were talking and guess what we have the the same birthday August 25th. After talking we found out we had a lot in common. While she lived on the West Coast we would visit often and always had a great time. She had such a great spirit and could tell stories of her travel that kept your attention.
I think of her often and will miss her.

Beverly Jackson – 08/07/2009

I met Angela in 1981 in LaMaze class! Her daughter Candace was born just a few weeks before my daughter Aimee. We were close friends for awhile then passed in and out of each others lives. It always seemed as though we never lost touch. Both my daughters as well as my husband and I were deeply saddened when we heard the news. Angela was a truely wonderful person!

Pamela Gray – 08/07/2009

I met Angela in kindergarden at Maple Meade School, North Brunswick. I never forgot Her smile or her laugh. She was a very special person.

Roland Applegate – 08/09/2009

anne boyne – 08/09/2009

I met Angela on Emerald Isle about 4 years ago. She had a wonderful smile and lust for life.

irene bailey-wells – 08/10/2009

I knew Angela in HS. Under her yearbook picture it reads, “A small bundle of sweetness”. I can still picture her smile today.

Debbie Norton McCall – 08/14/2009

Angel wings to you, sweet brown eyed girl………

DeNorscio Family – 08/26/2009

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I miss my dear niece every day. I was truly blessed to have her in my life. I held her the day she was born, and the day she passed on. We had a very special relationship throughout her life. I see so many of her qualities in Candace. She was a very special mother and Candace is a very special niece.

Mary Lombardo – 04/10/2010

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Marge Marge – 01/22/2012

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Dortha Dortha – 01/24/2012

We met Angela back in 1978. Stayed in touch for about ten years and reconnected when she moved to North Carolina. Such a wonderful, happy and perpetually smiling woman she was. Lost touch with her again after my sister was diagnosed with cancer and passed. I am deeply saddened to hear of Angela’s passing. She has always been in my thoughts

Jim & Wendy Cassidy – 05/05/2012