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Ann McCarthy

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

I too am a woman that was not diagnosed correctly. My GP treated me for bladder infection w/ out even looking at me. When I went back to him he sent me to a Urologist who in turn prescribed a medication for incontinence,without doing an examination. It was three months later when I went back to the GP and told him that something is wrong. There is a tumor. He didn’t seem at all concerned because I had continued to exercise 5 times a week and only complained of pain when I was laying on my stomach and it hurt to my back. We then did a cat scan which showed a tumor and had the tumor removed w/ in one week. The tumor was the size of a soccer ball!! I had one lymph node removed also, and then chemo after. One year after my last chemo I was again re-diagnosed. The CA125 is not a marker that I can use, because both times I was diagnosed, my CA125 was never above 11. I have had a second surgery and I am now receiving chemo. I am very passionate about being an advocate for ovarian cancer. I have never had so many of my questions answered with “I don’t know”, or “we are just not sure” or ” there isn’t enough research on it”. We have to beat this, to give women answers so they can in turn select avenues, and options that are best for them.

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