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Anna Armenio

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This Tribute is for my loving mother who passed away from this horrible illness. My mother fought for 6 long months, was hospitalized 3 times, had liter upon liter drained from her, lost her mobility and even had a brain injury from the Chemo. To watch my mom and be helpless was the most difficult. She left this world right after her 59th birthday after dancing at my wedding earlier in 2009.

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My mother was a simple day care center teacher whose husband died at 52 and just lived for her sons and her dog Jake. Heaven could not have deserved a better person.

Last updated on: 03/03/2010


I really miss you lately

Frank Armenio Jr – 05/21/2010

I might be betanig a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

Jacie Jacie – 08/23/2011

Have you asked your doctor? I would. Are you tankig medication? Pain meds? Antibiotics? If you are tankig anything prescribed by the doctor I won’t drink. And maybe if it is ok I would still just stick to some wine or champagne at dinner. Your overall health is what you should celebrate and the fact that you lived to see you 21st birthday. Have a good one!References :

Kai Kai – 07/28/2012

Hey Crystal, I just want to let you know that you are a huge inspiration and help a lot of peploe more than you know. Your strength and resolution are humbling, don’t give up! You’ll be in my prayers.

Heni Heni – 09/03/2012