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Anne Owen

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My Mum died 3 days ago of ovarian cancer. Her doctors took a year to diagnose her condition by which time she had less than 2 weeks to live. I will live to uphold her legacy and help other women avoid the same fate. The symptoms seem so obvious now. I wish they were more public and known about.

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A great person, a true matriach. A lady I miss every second of every day. She was a woman of the earth and I will think of her with every seed I plant and every flower I grow. Thank you Mum, for everything. Love you x

Last updated on: 10/10/2008


Thakns for the insight. It brings light into the dark!

Micheal Micheal – 06/02/2011

You keep it up now, unedsrntad? Really good to know.

Adonica Adonica – 07/14/2011