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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Anne W. Konstantellos

Personal Description:


My Mother, My life.
She fought for 7 years. She was an amazing inspiration to everyone and we miss her greatly, especially me.

Last updated on: 09/17/2008


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Philipp Philipp – 07/28/2012

I’m waiting for a hocretestymy at the moment I’m 32 with no children but unfortunately have run out of options due to Endometriosis and severe pain affecting my quality of life. I’ve been told it’ll be anytime between now and 22nd December (whoopie) but havent a clue what too expect and the handbook really scared me as it highlighted for me potential problems after the operation.I’ve been invited to attend a pre operation physio group, which should be really useful but I’d be really grateful for any advice anyone can give in terms of what to expect when I wake up/go home etc and how long it’ll be before I can perhaps do normal’ things like walk my dog or go to the gym all things I havent achieved for a while now due to the endo.I’m also incredibly upset about knowing I’ll never get to be a mum, but accept this is the only realistic decision for me. I havent really had any support for this element yet I’ve been told counselling could take months (so after the op) so would really appreciate it if anyone who has experienced something similar could advise me please?Apologies I know I’m blabbing but I’m just so anxious about the future.Thanks so much if you can help.

Layla Layla – 09/03/2012