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Annette McManious

Personal Description:


Dedicated & Loved, Wife, mother, mother-in-law and Grammy!

Personal Description:

To a wonderful and strong woman. She has been and will always be missed, but is so much better as she was welcomed by her lord and savior, Jesus Christ, on November 17, 2010. May her husband, children and grandchildren remember her as a woman of fight and courage. As her daughter-in-law, I was blessed in the world with 2 wonderful and dedicated mothers… one who just left all to soon.

I pray that so many other women will learn from the late detection of ovarian cancer (which I am acceptable to as well) is dangerous and that it is so important to have a regular check-up every year.

Annette, I miss you so much and everyday and every tear is of Gods sweet grace and mercy. I know I will see you one day soon. I love you! -Danielle

Last updated on: 12/05/2010


This is a beautiful page honoring a beautiful woman. I was so blessed to know sweet Annette. She was always so loving generous, and kind. The love and care she continuously showed all those around her was truly Jesus shining through her every day.

Rachael Stepowany – 12/06/2010

I was Bless to know Annette. She was a sweet and loving person. A child of God who Loved all her family.

Peggy Lindsey – 12/06/2010

I\’m quite pleaesd with the information in this one. TY!

Cannon Cannon – 12/20/2011

Woot, I will cetranily put this to good use!

Keshawn Keshawn – 01/23/2012