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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Barbara Ann Myrick

Personal Description:


My beautful wife Barbara Ann who left us July 18, 2008 with ovarian cancer.

Personal Description:

Wherever she went happiness followed her.

Last updated on: 05/06/2010


Sunday May 1, 2011 will be our 40th wedding anniversary. I will celebrate the wonderful times we had together that day. I remember Barbara every day as long as I live. I love you Barbara…..your husband Bob

Bob Myrick – 04/28/2011

Bob, you know I’ll be thinking of you and Barbara on May 1st…wish she was celebrating with you, remember she will be there for you my friend, Your “angel” is so gigantic!!!!!

Love to Barbara and you!!!!

Rada Popovic – 04/29/2011

This is way more hepflul than anything else I?ve looked at.

Randhil Randhil – 07/14/2011

It’s not a lot Crystal but I have followed your fight tohurgh my niece Brandy C. who cares very deeply for you and this was a great site that has been set up to help you and your continued fight Yvette

Abderrahmane Abderrahmane – 03/29/2012

What a beautiful loving tribute. I just lost my mother to Ovarian cancer on May 30,2012.

Noel Hastings – 07/29/2012

LUV the vertigo cearma work. Awesome tour. Get used to that lifestyle girrrl, more is on the way! And you have ads on your blog now, hello? Woo hoo!

Devi Devi – 09/03/2012