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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Barbara Bache

Personal Description:


For my “Miracle Mom” as she celebrates an incredible milestone – 10 years cancer-free! I truly cherish each and every day we spend together!

Love, Kristin

Personal Description:

10 years ago, Barbara was diagnosed with an ovarian mass during a routine GYN check-up. A few days later, she had surgery and was given the diagnosis of stage 2 ovarian cancer. She woke up from surgery saying “Don’t worry, I’m going to beat this thing!” She was extremely brave throughout the intense chemotherapy treatments, staying positive for her family. During the past 10 years, she has witnessed many exciting events including the graduations and weddings of both of her daughters. She also became a Grandma and now has 2 grandchildren!

Last updated on: 02/24/2012


It can decrease the eanhccs, yes.Most women with cysts find it easiest to conceive right after ending birth control since the BC also helps control the cysts!It is still possible to conceive w/ the cysts but more difficultYour best option talk to your dr., about what is best for YOU in this situationReferences :

Danniie Danniie – 03/29/2012

surgery would be the only option but she lokoed into different natural ways to solve them. She tried acupuncture and it helped, and she started eating raw foods and things like that from a raw cookbook and its been helping. Theres alot of natural remedies that arnt even mentioned over here so look into them! Good-luck.****Note:to all you people surgery isnt the only option. it seems like it be cause no doctors here tell us about the alternitves that arnt offered here. alot of chinese doctors have all these great remedies that dont harm you.References :

Tacio Tacio – 05/16/2012

i had cysts as well and the only non sergial way that im aware of is birth coroltne im on it now and yes you may gain weight but you need to watch waht you eat and work out and it shouldnt be an issuegood luckReferences :

Sayad Sayad – 05/16/2012