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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Betty Corless

Personal Description:


To my Mother and Best Friend who died on Oct. 31st, 2006.

Personal Description:

She was only 68 years old when she passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I took this photo of her 3 weeks prior to her death after she knew she was terminal and she was told that she had weeks to live.

She maintained her charming personality, love and support for everyone. She had been told about her cancer only after she was in the late stages. She did try various chemo treatments. After the second phase of chemo, when things were initially looking up, during a “waiting period” many cancer cells came back with a vengeance. She started a third round of chemo, but it made her too sick and she made the decision that she was finished… We couldn’t convince her to continue and she died about 4 weeks later.

Betty Corless was an Artist, Floral Designer, Homemaker, and World Traveler. She was athletic in her younger days and was Co-Captain of her Basketball Team at North Charleston, SC High School. She continued her education through life experiences of world travel learning about other people and cultures first hand.

One of the things that she was proud of was being able to share her experiences and information about life and culture from some of the places that we lived. She told me that living in a College town like Auburn, AL (home to Auburn University), she was asked to give a talk about Turkey to the Ladies Group of Auburn. She expressed the fact that she was a bit intimidated because most of the ladies were so well educated with multiple Masters and Doctorate degrees. (Although she never attended college, she worked and helped to put my father through school.) But she did do the presentation and felt a lot of satisfaction that she could share a knowledge and experience that she had. She also had the opportunity to give these presentations to the local schools for children too.

She provided organizations and friends with her floral arrangements that she would create with either fresh or dried flowers. She gave her artwork for charity donations and auctions.

She was always so giving and sharing. She gave with everything that she had. When I was young, I did assume that everyone must have a Mother like her. All my friends used to tell me that I didn’t know how lucky I was to have a Mother like her. The point was that I did know that I was fortunate in this way because people had been telling me this my whole life.

I feel that if I could do anything in this world to help I would to try to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer and help raise money for research to find a cure. That is why I’ve created this tribute for my Mother. I’ll be trying to raise funds in every possible way that I can by giving a percentage from my own personal art sales or asking for direct donations to this organization.

(From her loving daughter, Donna Corless)

Can you please help me make a difference in other people’s lives?

Last updated on: 04/22/2009


She was one of my three sisters whom I love very much. Betty was always interested in my photograpy while in college and posed on numerous occasions. We all miss her!

Reggie Robinson – 05/14/2009

AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this awnesr!

Frenchie Frenchie – 06/02/2011

Glad I’ve fnailly found something I agree with!

Mimosa Mimosa – 07/14/2011

Your mom was a wonderful lady and she made everyone she knew feel special. I miss her too.

Sharon Laird – 09/07/2011

god rest her soul in the heaven really she was a great women as i read .life in the heaven is unending life and her reward to us is you Donna our professional artist.