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Beverly Hart

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Beverly Hart


Twenty-five years ago, I lost my mom to Ovarian Cancer. At the time I was only 13. I am now 37 and running a marathon to celebrate my health/life and to raise awareness of this disease. My mom was a beautiful, energetic, vibrant woman. I can see her smiling still to this day. She did a lot in her short time here, but she should’ve been able to do even more and live longer. It is my hope, that through dedicated research, a cure will soon be found.

Last updated on: 04/14/2011


AKAIK you’ve got the asewnr in one!

Kairii Kairii – 06/02/2011

Was ttolaly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

Marden Marden – 08/23/2011

Lost my mother to OC when I was 23. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. 21 years and counting. I will meet her again one day….just not today!

Mary Mary – 02/09/2012

Your post was so interesting and we can never get eonugh photos. Great photos. That IT business really kicks in doesn’t it? hehe You really do a great job with your blog, interesting, clear and concise. BTW I would love to win your pink and brown cookies. That would be a treat. Okie dokieTake care and hope you’ve recovered from your trip to the really big city!Gosh isn’t Kelly just a miniature? heheAmyRuth

Janie Janie – 09/03/2012