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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Bonnie Dunavant

Personal Description:


My mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was my
best friend and we did everything together. Mom was the type of person that you could call anytime day or night and
she would be there for you. When mom was diagnosed, she was already at stage 4 ovarian and they didn’t expect her to come out of the hosptial. Mom fought for 5 years, she was an extremely strong woman. While she was fighting, she was also helping my dad, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he lived only 4 months after diagnosis. I miss her so much!!

I love you and I miss you more each day. There are some
days that I would love to be able to pick up the phone and
call you just so I could tell you how Kaylee did at school
that day or ask if you saw something on tv. Momma, I love you and daddy so much, I know you and daddy will always be in my heart and I’ll see you again someday in Heaven.

Last updated on: 01/27/2009


Your Tribute to your mom is beautiful.

Jennifer` Batcheldor – 02/20/2009

Got it! Tnkhas a lot again for helping me out!

Rock Rock – 06/02/2011

Wow! My partner and I are eipectxng a son on January 5th and the name we have chosen (since before his conception) is Ezra Kai! Recently I googled his name. I was directed to your site. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey. Your babies are beautiful and inspiring.Peace and Love!

Erol Erol – 09/02/2012