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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Brittany Holland

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This wall is dedicated to the wonderful Ms. Britt.

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Hey little cuz…although you were missed at the Thanksgiving family gathering, especially during the Xbox dance tournament, you remain in our hearts and minds. Love you…KJ

Last updated on: 02/13/2012


I see that the Hotze Health and Wellness Center has cioenctonns now with Dr. Mercola. Check out Dr. Mercola’s dietary recommendations. He says that almost everyone would be better off not eating gluten, though he really should include that recommendation in almost every article he writes, but instead he tries to sell a supplement. For the most up-to-date info and tests, thedr.com with Dr. Tom O’Brian is the go to site. (Dr. O’Brian says it is rarer to be able eat gluten than it is to be gluten sensitive.) Almost every Western disease including osteoporosis, heart disease, MS, arthritis ADD/ADHD, lupus, thyroid disorders, alzheimers, irritable bowel disease, depression, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers just to list a few can be prevented or cured on a gluten free diet. Can you imagine what eliminating wheat/barley/rye will do to our economy (agriculture, pastry, pasta, fast food, beer, etc.)? The change will happen very slowly I am sure but everyone is at risk and needs to be proactive. Just do it! Go gluten free, and if you need confirmation of your condition, get the latest tests which are offered by thedr.com. Too bad you can’t get them from the Hotze Health and Wellness Center! (hint hint hint.) In Italy it is mandatory that everyone be tested for gluten sensitivity. Old tests are no good for gluten sensitivity. They only show the very extreme condition of gluten sensitivity called celiac disease.

Doolin Doolin – 02/28/2012