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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Carla Heltzel

Personal Description:


To an angel who was a Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a friend to all. She loved God, her family, her friends, and her cats. She read Tolkien, C. S. Lewis (Narnia) and loved anything Snoopy. She loved OU Football, Austin, Texas, New York and Disney World. She will be missed.

Personal Description:

Carla Dawn Heltzel was born in Vinita, Oklahoma on April 7, 1961. She was the youngest of 4 daughters born to Lloyd and Lucille Heltzel. Surviving sisters are Farlin Masa, Phyllis Jordan and Deborah Crawford.
Carla graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Arts in Recreational Therapy and worked in Oklahoma, North Dakota, and in Austin, Texas. Her home of 20 years was Austin, Texas where she worked as a Recreational Therapist. Carla loved her church family and was a member of Hope Chapel in Austin, Texas. She dedicated her personal and professional life to loving and helping people. Carla was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in March 2008. She fought the good fight for approximately three years, and finished the race on January 30, 2011.

Last updated on: 01/31/2011


I remember what a sweet, happy little girl Carla was running around the yard and in the stairwells of First Christian Church. She was a fun little sister to you all. I’ll miss her smile and warm heart. I am thankful her journey here is finished and she’ll spend eternty walking (or running) the streets of gold. God bless you and hold you in His arms: Farlin, Phyllis & Debbie. Much love, the Littlejohn’s

Debbie Littlejohn – 01/31/2011

Carla was a wonderful person and a fantastic aunt. I will always remember her most for being a kid at heart. I always loved her fun-loving, free spirit. I knew her to be a Godly woman since I was a young boy. I have no doubt she is in a wonderful place right now revisiting friends and family.

Steve Masa – 01/31/2011

So sad to hear of someone so full of life gone. I remember her playing when we were in Camp Fire Girls, always envied Farlin having such a sweet new baby at her house. She was a cutie, then years later I came in contact with her when she worked with children at Children’s Center here in OKC. So much love and patience to the children. Hugs and prayers for the family.

Jimi Graham – 02/01/2011

Carla came to work for me in November of 1995. Without a doubt I have never known an individual whose light shined brighter. Her laughter was the sound of angels singing and her smile calmed all of those she came into contact with. I am thankful that her sisters shared her with us because we all benefited from her presence. She bore the indignity of this horrid disease with grace and giggles, just like she did every thing that came her way. I know that she is spreading joy as I write this and thank God she was a part of my life. I love you Carla and always will. Thank you for so many wonderful memories.

Jayne Buchanan – 02/01/2011

Carla was not only my sister, she was my best friend. T talked to her every day and she always made me smile. She fought this terrible disease with all that was within her. Even though it is hard to say goodbye I know she is rejoicing with the angels in heaven. Love you Carla, you are now my own special angel. :)

Phyllis Jordan – 02/01/2011

While thinking of Carla last night, I dragged out our high school yearbook. Carla had written, “To the pickle and French fry thief”. That was so typical of her – to take an otherwise serious occasion and make you smile. She always made me smile.

The Heavens will sound more beautiful than ever with the sound of her laughter and singing. I will miss her always.

Lou Ann Sanders – 02/02/2011

Carla was such a strong person. That was obvious with the way she fought this terrible disease. Even when she felt the worst, she never complained. She just worried about me. She made a list of people she wanted to see in heaven when she got there, I know those people were waiting for her at heaven’s gates. She left this earth early Sunday morning so she could get a good seat at church in heaven. I will miss her!!

Debbie Crawford – 02/02/2011

I remember thinking that Farlin was so lucky to have a baby sister when we were young. I also remember how cute and sweet she was. My thoughts and prayers to the family.

Toni Norton Stanley – 02/02/2011

I remember Carla as a rambunctious, adventurous child that I nicknamed Hurricane Carla. She was always on the go and always into something. She never lost that adventurous spirit. She learned to fly a plane. She went to New York and took her nieces with her. She never marries but made her friends part of her family. It’s hard to have my baby sister precede me to heaven. It makes it a little easier to picture her in heaven looking up the people on her list. Not just family, but residents from the nursing homes she worked at and people like Charles Schultz and C. S. Lewis. I’m sure she is having a ball. I love her and miss her.

Farlin Elaine Heltzel Masa – 02/04/2011

When my aunt Carla moved here I thought we would be helping her out a lot, but actually she helped my family out so much more. We are a lot closer now than we ever have been. I miss her terribly but I am glad she is no longer in pain anymore and will never be again. Thank you aunt Carla for everything you helped me out more than you know. I love and miss you.

Brittany Crawford – 02/15/2011

When I first move into the neighborhood Carla was there to welcome me. We made lots of good memories. I was so lucky to have her as a friend. I will miss her. And I know she is in a better place.

Charlotte Flock – 02/16/2011

That’s not just the best aneswr. It’s the bestest answer!

Starr Starr – 06/02/2011

That’s a sharp way of tinhknig about it.

Trisha Trisha – 12/20/2011

That’s a sharp way of tinhknig about it.

Trisha Trisha – 12/20/2011

That’s a sharp way of tinhknig about it.

Trisha Trisha – 12/20/2011

Thank you!Your card is up in the lab and everyone has had a good laugh at it. Its still my fauvroite photo to, we look so happy (and young ha ha).Love you long time, Carla

Juan Juan – 07/28/2012