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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Carol Rohlfing

Personal Description:


Dear Mom,

We love you very much and want you to know how much we appreciate your love and caring all of these years. You support us and have always been our biggest champion.

We will remember all the times we laughed and cried and even screamed at each other. The only thing we would change is telling you how we feel when you could hear it. You have always been our world….the person who always believes in us, the person whom I strive most to be. You have done so much for everyone in your life…always putting others first…sometimes when you should have thought of yourself.

Everyone likes to think that their Mother is the best person in the world but they have all been wrong ‘cause our’s is. Your friends and family love you, cherish you, admire you…
You have always been strong and have taught us to mirror your strength and courage. You have taught us invaluable life lessons about being good people, loving those around us, standing up for what we believe in and the importance of family, friends and faith.

Mom , you touch the lives of everyone you meet. We can’t tell you how many people have talked about how much you have done for them, how special you were. You always had a kind word and a smile for everyone you met.

We think, what is the grand plan behind all of this pain. There must be some life lesson involved. We have truly seen the good in all of our friends and relatives…what strikes me the most is the kindness of total strangers…Flora, our favorite nurse, who has the biggest heart and most positive attitude of anyone I know; Michelle for her matter of factness and caring; the people at Lens Crafters for helping Tracy with Grandma’s glasses; all of the people at Barnes, so many great people; Mary Thompson, your nurse. And the kindness of those we know….My Aunt Glady, who has been here every day, just to be here, making you feel better and making Tracy and I feel better; all of my friends, I thank you for being a part of my life….all of your friends who call and visit every day.

We can never express how much you mean to me. We love you, mama. We don’t know what we will do without you.. You have brought each of u closer to my Sister. Did you plan that? We know you did. Once again, thank you, Mom, for knowing what we needed and making it happen.

We will always love you. You are our hearts…Mom.

Kathi and Tracy

Personal Description:

Carol Rohlfing was 68 Years old. She fought ovarian cancer bravely for two years. She always had a smile on her face and love in her heart.

Last updated on: 05/29/2010


when I was first diagnosed with CLL – Luekemia – Carol had already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She sent me the most beautiful card and note expressing her love and confidence that we would meet and overcome these challenges. She was courageous and faith-filled and an inspiration to me and many others. She will be greatly missed! Carol, you must be so proud of your daughters. Reading what they wrote says it all!!!

Block – 05/29/2010

Throughout her 2 year battle with ovarian cancer, Carol tenaciously maintained a “never give up” attitude. During this time, she continued to help others and give of herself whenever possible while fighting the disease with courage, dignity, and inspiration. I feel honored to have been her friend and will always cherish the memories of a dear friend, a truly beautiful woman!

Mickey Ross – 06/01/2010

Carol did everything with her whole heart. Whether it was raising her daughters, teaching kindergarten, being a good friend and relative, or gardening, she never held back. When she took something on, you knew she would watch every detail, want to learn more, and complete it with enthusiasm! Where she found the energy to do all she did is a mystery to me.

When I hear of someone who is fighting cancer and ones will say “They are living (not dying) with cancer”, I think of Carol. She fought till the very end and set such a wonderful example of how to live and love along the way. We will greatly miss her positive and generous spirit in our family.

Barbara Seib – 06/01/2010

Carol was more than a big sister to me, she was like a second mother. As we grew up, she always looked after me. I knew she loved me and cared for me and was still watching out for me even though we were in our sixties.

Carol was kind, generous, forgiving, and loving. She always was thoughtful of others’ feelings.

I had hoped for more time together–time to travel and see new things together. I will miss you, Carol, in the coming years but am so thankful for the time we had.

Your loving brother, Bill

Bill Seib – 06/01/2010

I’m out of leuage here. Too much brain power on display!

Jaylon Jaylon – 06/02/2011