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Carol Scantlebury

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Carol Scantlebury


In memory of loving wife and best friend Carol. I love you and miss you deeply

Last updated on: 12/29/2008


In memory of an exceptionally decent lady.

Ken Kurson – 04/20/2012

Oh Laura, I just want to give you a hug. Your story is important! I come from a failmy of longevity, people who basically never get sick and die of natural causes. I know I am lucky to not have serious health issues, but my daughter did, and she passed away at 14. I leaned more about disease than I ever thought I would. Each word, each moment counts to everyone. My nine and half year travel to overcome her loss has made me question and feel great pain for people who suffer no matter how little or how serious…The dish sounds good, and I want to know more about what you will be doing?Also, is that wok cast iron, because if it is I am coming to your house while you are gone and stealing it! Or you could tell me where you got it :)I want details of this trip!

Yavuz Yavuz – 07/28/2012