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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Carrie Plemmons

Personal Description:


To my son, Joss Frederick.

Personal Description:

When I was pregnant, I felt pain down by my ovaries, but just thought my baby was sitting on something. I was 5 days over due, so I went in and was induced. 14 hours later, my son decided to not come out naturally. So I went in for a c-section. While they were delivery him, they found a mass on my lt. ovary, and the Dr. removed it. My Dr. informed my husband and my family that he removed it and thought it wasn’t anything to be worried about. A week later, the day after Labor day, I went in to get my sutures removed, and I asked him about it, and he said, “yeah about that, the reports came back and it is cancer.” My husband and I just sat there in shock, and the dam broke and bursted into tears. My husband sat there staring at the wall in disbelief. The office set me up for appt. w/ a oncologist right then and there. The Dr. told us, if my son hadn’t decided not to come into this world naturally, they would have never found it through ultrasound. So my son saved my life. I think God knew that I had it and wanted somehow for someone to find it, and wanted the miracle to be my son, more ways than one. When my son was 10 days old, I had a total hysrectomy at the age of 31, and him being my only child, but I have 2 teenage step daughters. I was sad that we couldn’t have more, but I thank God everyday that he gave me my son at the time of my life when he did. He is 4 1/2 months now, and I am currently going through chemo. This journey has been a rough one, but I have incredible about of support.

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