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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Chana Garcia

Personal Description:


To my mother, the woman who made me well again. You’re my hero. To my sweetheart, Bernard. Where would I be without you? I can’t imagine.

Personal Description:

Last May, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (stage III). It all happened rather unceremoniously. After months of suffering what I thought were gastrointestinal problems, and weeks of popping pills for heartburn, I had the dreaded conversation with my gynecologist. I didn’t have much time to digest everything, but I quickly found a new doctor. My surgery was scheduled soon after, and I started chemo a month later. It was a tough road, and although my pathology came back better than expected and my tumor was borderline, my treatment was still aggressive. It did a number on my body, but not my spirit. I am a fighter, a survivor, a journalist, a traveler, a blogger, a daughter, a sister, a woman. Despite the heaviness of this disease, I try to find some humor in my situation. For me, blogging about being a survivor is turning out to be really cathartic. It’s funny. Throughout this entire experience, I feel like I finally found my voice. If you’re interested, check out my blog at blackgyrlcancerslayer.wordpress.com and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. God bless all the fabulous ovarian cancer slayers!

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Wow! That’s the age I was diagnosed and I don’t have any children myself. I am a 6 year survivor and the proud mother of a 3 year old Sheltie. My husband and I are not allowed to adopt in our situation since mine is recurrent but that doesn’t get us down. I wish you all the best and will check out your blog.

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