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Colleen Christy

Personal Description:


Your life was a pebble thrown into still waters, and we are all but ripples in the sunlight. The ripples have reached their farthest shore, and we must cast our own stones now.

Personal Description:

Colleen was the finest human being I have ever known. She was always a much better person than I, and if I have become a good man at all, it is because I have had her to live up to for 20 years. She had rheumatoid arthritis for seven years which affected her liver panels and masked, as so many common conditions do, the few early symptoms of this terrible and insidious disease. She was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized ovarian cancer on April 1, 2011, and died on April 10. A reliable and specific test for early stage ovarian cancer must be found and administered to every woman as commonly as a pap smear. No chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or improved surgical technique could have helped my baby; only an early test could possibly have saved her. My life is devoted only to helping find such a test.

Last updated on: 04/28/2011