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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Daphne Evans

Personal Description:


I am dedicating my story to all of my sisters who have passed on before me.

Personal Description:

I am a ten year Stage III C Ovarian Cancer and Papillary Breast Carcinoma survivor; now dealing with Metastatic Spinal Carcinoma. I founded Heaven’s Door Oncology & Wellness in 2005 in dedication of all cancer patients who have not survived. Our mission is to assist cancer patients to maintain dignity, function and a high quality of life throughout their course of illness. This is done by emotional support, paying out of pocket for cancer patients to go to a spa to have a day of pampering; working toward doing what could be done to ease the pain in a non-medical setting. Heaven Door’s specially certified oncology aestheticians volunteers offer the latest in skin treatments, body treatments and therapies by appointment or outcall.

We now have an Aftercare program where we will accommodate patients for a few days after surgery for those who have no local families. Heaven’s Door is working with the local cancer centers: St. John’s Cancer Center, Cox Health Hulston Cancer Center and St. Jude’s as well as Community Hospice.

Last updated on: 01/13/2010


i havent started my period since october 3 and i dont think im pregnant and had one day of spotting on cristmas eve and i took a bunch of pregnancey tests and they were all negetive was this one of your signs of cancer can u help me out with an answer please wright back at amanda21dempsey20@yahoo.com that is my myspace as well. thx

amanda dempsey – 01/30/2010

I’m just seeing your comment! I will write to you, but you must get some cancer testing just as a precaustion. CA125 and Bratts I believe. Lower back pain and bloating was mine, but there are different gynecological cancers. Get a second and third opinion and my prayers are with you.

Daphne Evans – 02/12/2010

Daphne, Keep faith…my mom was a 20 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer Stage III C. She was 85 years old this past November and just passed on February 27th from the disease. Her fight was unbelieveable. We were truly blessed to have the additional 20 years with her. What you have done is quite commendable and brave. My prayers will be with you. Gail – daughter of P. Iris Sassi

Gail Conaway – 03/07/2010

Daphne, trying to keep my faith. You are amazing girl! My mom is battling satge III C ovarian cancer now. She had her first round of chemo and the disease appeared to go into remission for about a year. It has since recurred. We are staying strong and trying everything to be positive. I feel sometimes so helpless and I want to do something for my mom. Any suggestions of how to help? Thanks so much. You are a hero.
Caitlin, daughter of Karen, CT.

– 04/09/2010

Hello…I’m jsut writing becasue your face was such a wondeful glo…my sister passed january 16 from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in 2008 and the cancer took her very quickly. She was 47 years old. My parents and I are still devestated and depressed and are just trying to cope from this. Even though my sister didn’t survive, I’m glad to see those who are still fighting and survung against this viscious disease.

Kristi Barnes – 04/22/2010

Thank you all so much for such amazing comments and my prayers go out to you and yours. I am now in remission from the spinal carcinoma. My MRI came through clean in June, 2010! So happy; still in some pain, but not cancer. I am opening a hospitality house for cancer ladies who need a break or are coming from long distance to go to hospitals. They will stay with me for free and receive loving care. I can’t do this alone without all of your support. Please pray for me that God will bless as I offer honorary fund availability. Families of women who have passed on can have a fund in her name which will be used to assist these ladies. We plan to build where these fundings will have a physical place or room in honor of this wonderful person. If you are interested, please visit me. Heavens Door/Daphne Evans can be googled. Much love to you all.

Daphne Evans – 07/18/2010

You?re on top of the game. Thanks for sharnig.

Audel Audel – 06/02/2011

This does look promising. I’ll keep cimong back for more.

Starleigh Starleigh – 01/25/2012