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Dawn White

Personal Description:


On September 30, 2010 the world lost a vivacious, carefree, loving young woman, Dawn White. Although her battle was short lived, she fought it heroically. Dawn will be missed by all who knew her, especially her REALTOR family in the Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS.

Last updated on: 10/05/2010


Dawn White was a lovely warm spirited woman who made everyone smile. She had a way with people that made them feel at ease, comfortable, and important. She was very supportative and wanted everyone to have a fair chance. I am greateful to have known her and am honored that I was selected to be apart of her team. Thank you Dawn for everything! Your memory will live on in my heart forever!

LeShadae Godfey – 10/06/2010

Super ifnomrative writing; keep it up.

Lark Lark – 12/20/2011