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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Deb Hobbs

Personal Description:

Last updated on: 09/02/2008


I would like to share with you an ongoing story of hope for my Aunt Debbie. Her fight began in March of 2007 and she is still taking her chemotherapy. In the beginning she was reluctant to even think about chemo because of all the bad things she had heard about it. She didn’t know if it was worth going through it, but her husband told her she had no choice because we need her. She is the glue that holds our family together. You go through that phase why her? She’s never drank or smoked and she takes care of herself. Plus she is suppose to be low risk having children, breast feeding, a hysterectomy. I guess cancer doesn’t see how good of a person you are it just picks the best. This woman is the most amazing person I have ever known. Just walking in the room she lights it up and everyone inside it. She is so full of life and has her soulmate Bob by her side every step of the way. They are the couple you wish you could be. They’re the ones in the grocery store dancing in the aisles together. They have two beautiful daughters and a son who rests in heaven, 4 wonderfull grandkids and a ton of family and friends who adore her. The only good news about cancer is that it really opens your eyes to life and how you want to live it as apposed to how you are living it. I’m not talking about my Aunt because she always lives life to the fullest, but for me I tell all of my loved ones how much they mean to me. I have read a lot of these wall of hope messages and I also want to help spread awareness and not feel so helpless but helpfull. Thank you for listening and sharing your stories. Debbie you are my hero and you always have been and always will be. You take your strength and all of ours and you kick that cancers ass! You are a Survivor!

Love Always,
(your other girl)

Holli Simmons – 09/02/2008

I just wanted to give you an update on Deb Hobbs as this story was originally submitted last year. She had her 1st debulking surgery in April 2007 followed by a year of chemo, which did not help her at all. She required another surgery April 2008 to remove a bowel obstruction caused by the cancer and just went downhill from there. She spent the next few months in and out of the hospital and finally ended up with hospice care July 2008. She passed away August 17, 2008. I love you and miss you so much mom!! To read the entire story about my mom’s battle with cancer visit myspace.com and search for Deb Hobbs (Warsaw, IN). I have created a profile to tell her story and spread awareness about this disease.

Shondell Hobbs – 09/02/2008