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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Derozette Banks

Personal Description:


To God who kept Me when I was ignorant of what I was truly going through. To my mom who walked me through the surgery, the cemotherapy and all that went with it.

Personal Description:

I was 19 years old when I began to feel tired and to have headaches, then I began to have pain in my stomach when I walked. I also had the urge to urinate often. When I ate I always felt full. My stomach was bloated and even at 19 I knew something was not right. My mother took me to the doctor. After a blood test, x-rays and a cat scan I was told there was a mass on my right ovary. They would have to do surgery in order to determine what it was. I was young, not married and had no children. My biggest concern was leaving the hospital with all my reproductive organs. The thought of cancer had not entered my mind. After the surgery as I was regaining concusiousness, I could hear my sister asking my mother why this was happening to me. I was so young how did I get cancer. The tumor was the size of a grapefruit and my uterus had grown as if I was 6 months pregnant. The doctor said the tumor had stayed to the right ovary but they found cancer cells in the stomach wash. I would need to have chemotherapy. That took me to Hell and back. It has been 28 years. I am 47 and I have 5 children, yes I said 5. God has been faithfull to me. I pray that He is to you.

Last updated on: 03/27/2009


I was barely 34 when I went in for what they thought was a cyst and it was ovarian cancer, luckily they caught it before it spread, I did chemotheraphy and I am now coming up on my 38th birthday, I have 2 beautiful children that I luckily had bfore this happened, so your story should inspire every women if we can live through it they can too

dawn maykowski – 04/13/2009

Wow, your story is very similar to mine. I was 29 when I too had a grapefruit size tumor covering my right ovary, except the only symptom I had was a bit of bloating and the reason I went to my doctor was because I could feel the lump when I laid on my stomach. I could also feel it when I laid on my back by putting my hand over my right side, I could even sway it left and right. I went in to get it removed when they too said it was cancer, but I had a complete hysterectomy. The cyst was covering my whole right ovary so they couldn’t even see it. God had already blessed me w/ 3 beautiful children who were too small to understand what I was going thru. I also had chemo which I think is worst than knowing you have cancer. But thank God I have been cancer free for 18 years this July, I too am 47 years old.

I believe that all women should take anything that they may feel or even sense in their bodies seriously and have it checked out, no matter how unimportant they may think it is.

May God keep blessing you and keep you healthy always!

Gloria Martinez – 05/22/2009

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Lvbmkrsw Lvbmkrsw – 08/16/2010

Its so weird how ovarian cancer is so common these days, and very sad. I wish there was more fundraising for this like there is for Breast Cancer, they have the Susan G Koman foundation for it, we need more publicity to really get it out there.

Dawn Maykowski – 01/06/2011

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