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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Diane Hurd

Personal Description:


This tribute is dedicated to one of the most wonderful loving and caring people in the world. She was my cousin, friend, and like a sister to me, and although her life was cut short by this horrible disease, she was an inspiration to those that watched her battle the disease, and she will never be forgotten. Please help win the fight against ovarian cancer, and donate in memory of Stephanie Terilli.

Personal Description:

Stephanie was the kind of person who will always be remembered, for her hilarious sense of humor, her ability to speak her mind regardless of what others may think, and her ability to make you smile just by walking in the room. She was the kind of person you could never really get mad at for long, and made you laugh quickly. I still wonder how she was able to be as strong and courageous as she was when battling this disease. She never lost her spirit even to her last moment. We all love you and miss you Stephanie, it has been 1 year already, and yet it seems like yesterday that we saw you last.

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– 10/26/2011

Enlightening the world, one hlepufl article at a time.

Margaretta Margaretta – 11/08/2011

She still is one of a kind, no matter what…

warren ernst – 09/22/2012