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To all my sisters who have battled and won their survival also to my sisters who battled and won to stop hurting and the pain endured during their chemotherapy and radiation.
I also dedicate to brothers who have battled another form of cancer.

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It is funny how cancer does not discriminate. No matter what color you are or what ethnic group you come from you can get cancer. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 10 years of age, teratoma carcinoma, very rare in a child. Tertoma was a confined tumor to my ovary, which contained hair, finger and skin. I am fortunate to have survived, due to the fact that the tumor was 6 pounds 4 ounces. I was stage 4 and was not suppose to survive. I have been in remission from Ovarian cancer for nearly 30 years now, thanks to my oncologist, and a team of 23 specialist through out the world. The cancer did not stop there, it proceeded to spread to the other ovary and then to my uterus. After years of chemotherapy and radiation I survived. I love being a survivor and I am glad I am alive and here to share my story. I know that there are fathers, sons, husbands who may have a mother, wife or sister that may be diagnosed with this horrible disease. I wish you luck and hope you have or build a great support group and if need be I will be there for you. God bless

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Never seen a bteter post! ICOCBW

Mattingly Mattingly – 06/02/2011

Keep on writing and cughging away!

Happy Happy – 10/04/2011

There’s lots of types of chemo and it can be administered in dfiefrent ways. Chemotherapy literally means drug therapy’ and isn’t actually a brand of drug in itself. It can be used to treat Cancer or auto-immune diseases like Lupus.Side effects vary depending on what chemo you are having and the person involved. Sometimes people lose hair, are sick, are just tired, or aren’t affected at all.

Jimmy Jimmy – 03/29/2012