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Dorothy Wilson

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October 2, 1952- August 3, 2008
My mom died after a 2 and a half year battle with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She was a great mother, wife, friend and soon to be grandma. She is loved by all and missed each and every day. Love you mom

Personal Description:

Dottie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer in November 2005. She went through many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation as well as numerous surgeries to eliminate the cancer. Dottie stayed positive throughout the majority of the sickness. Unfortunately, Dottie was not able to stay with her family and friends. She passed away on august 3, 2008, exactly two weeks before the marriage of her oldest daughter. She leaves behind a loving husband, 3 children, her mother and brother, as well as her nieces and many friends. She will be truly missed always and forever.

Last updated on: 12/31/2008


Jackie…..your mom was a lucky lady to have a family like yours..especially you and Chrissy! Remember we are always here for you! xoxo

Lisa sloves – 12/13/2009

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Standby Standby – 09/03/2012