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Elizabeth Tasnady

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To the bravest wife, mother, nana, and friend anyone could ever have….

Personal Description:

We miss you and honor you for the fight you gave! We are grateful for the time we got with you and know that we were so fortunate and better off for every second you were with us!

Last updated on: 02/06/2011


Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW

Krisalyn Krisalyn – 06/02/2011

Posts like this brighten up my day. Thkans for taking the time.

Nodin Nodin – 06/02/2011

I’m in shock. A very good friend food blggeor just told me about the loss of her sister to ovarian cancer when her sister was 21 – you and those who love you are very lucky! We should all appreciate every single day on this earth – that sounds cliche9d but it is so true. And bringing up these issues – telling your story – is so important to making everyone aware of the need for medical research and finding cures for this and other terrible diseases. I am glad you have the opportunity to attend this event. Hugs to you!

Sally Sally – 09/03/2012