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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Ellen Pelli

Personal Description:

Last updated on: 06/08/2011


You were an Angel sent 2 me from the time I met you and now you’re an Angel watching over us.. I have never known such A Strong Beautiful Woman u were a true fighter and u never felt sorry 4 yourself, you were 2 concerned and always there For the rest of your family.. You were like a Mother 2 Me never judged, just always there and I am Honored 2 B your Daughter In Law.. U Truly were a One of a kind person and I’m glad I was a part of your life.. I will Always Love You!!!! There will Always Be a Part of My Heart Missing Without You Here!!! I Love and Miss You…..

Kim Pelli – 07/18/2010

Ellen, who went from my child bride to the mother of two outstanding children, is a woman who fought an unwavering battle against Ovarian Cancer. I pray her efforts will bring more attention to this horrendous monster so that others may be spared the pain that this disease caused her and those who loved her.

Rest In Peace….Tom Pelli

Tom Pelli – 07/19/2010

Missing you more than ever and wishing you were here… You were my shoulder, what I would do 2 hear you’re voice again or hold your hand… Will love you and miss you 4Eva!!! Oh and you would b Soooooo Proud of Vanessa, she actually drove on the Parkway….. Hysterical!!!

Kim Pelli – 09/05/2010

Ellen Pelli McGINTY
I knew you better then anyone. It was my honor to be with you for sixteen years. We had many good times and a few battles because of my big mouth when I did not respect nor deserve. When I close my eyes I think of what a strong person you where. You read about a certain doll class in Denver and for the next two weekends you flew there. You joined a doll club in Maryland and once a month we drove there and came back the same day. Being married to you was a great adventure. You were so Beautiful, careing, loving and creative. When you entered a room eyeryone would stop and look, you were pure class. When I call your name and there is no answer the tears fall. I can never get over the eyes and arms that held me. Stand by your man, you did all the time I was sick, thank you. When I think of you I cry and go to pieces. I will love you forever, there will never be another you. I hope you are now at peace. God is in your drivers seat.
Love you forever
Your husband – Frank

Frank McGinty – 09/12/2010

Frank your full of shit!

Tom. Pelli – 05/27/2011

The big man who kicked Ellen out of the house and took her children away. She never forget what you did. Ellen would cry every mothers day, birthday and christmas. I will not get into anything else. Tom you had no class then and stil l not a man now. Come arround any time to discuss.

Frank McGinty – 05/31/2011

Hey, good to find smoneoe who agrees with me. GMTA.

Derex Derex – 07/13/2011

Love and miss you more and more every day. Hope you now are at peace.

Frank McGinty – 02/14/2012

E –
Happy Mothers Day
There will never be anyone like you.

Frank McGinty – 05/13/2012

Unite .together with Our Friends here and everywhere.. We r shriwoeng Divine Love? and Blessings from our ~?~-s 2? all beautiful Islands of Japan and Our Beloved Earth and Humanity? ? safely shifting 2 The Golden Crystal Age~Happiness 2 All~Oneness Love and Light Infinite~ Thank U Beloved Mighty I Am Presence-s ? Heaven and Earth United? Us~as We R accepting this? divine ~Gifts~ of I AM~Oneness Love Light Supreme Infinite~The Light? of God that Never Fails~in all its forms~We R Forever Flowering

Julak Julak – 07/28/2012

Searching for people I once knew and you were one. Hope you and your family are well. So sad to read about Ellen.

Phyllis Wagner – 08/16/2012