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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Elly Armstrong

Personal Description:


Five years with Ovarian Cancer. Currently battling with her third re-occurrence of the disease. Lung, Skin, and Cervical Cancer Survivor.

We are made great by the adversity we face, rather than evade.

Personal Description:

For my beautiful mother, my hero. No matter what life has thrown in your path, you accept, and simply say the words “this too shall pass”. You have taught me to see the glass half full in any obstacle in life.

I have seen you struggle in tremendous pain,throw up,cry,loose your hair,have needles stuck in you,surgeries,chemo therapy,and fight against every other evil brought with the disease. But through all of this you always remained the glue that kept our family together. No matter how sick you felt, you always still went out of your way for others. You amaze me.

I have been blessed with a miracle these past five years to have you in my life. I know this re-occurrence has been a bit more difficult, but I know how much of a fighter you are, and you will overcome it. Your the toughest person I know. It’s time to show cancer whose the boss.

Just a little inspiration for my mother. Please prayer for her during her battle <3 <3

Last updated on: 03/21/2012


i happy and proud that your mom has such a loving understanding daughter who has many a day cut a class or skipped going to the beach to be with your mom at sloan or just holding her hand through her gruling chemo side effects. I think you are amazing!!!!!

debi g – 03/21/2012

Your mother is very proud of you!! I am proud of you and I am blessed to have your family in my life. I wouldn’t trade one moment for anything!!

Randi H – 03/21/2012

my sister the sweetest lady and the toughest broad in the world!!<3 <3

– 03/21/2012

I pray for you.

Daniel Michura – 03/28/2012

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Veronika Veronika – 03/29/2012

I am humbled by my daughter’s beautiful tribute to me. It is for her and her sister that I stay strong. I am the luckiest women in the world. xoxoxoxoxo

Mary Ganley – 04/10/2012

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Jagjit Jagjit – 07/28/2012

I wish her the best!Do a google for Essiac Tea it is a conaimbtion of 4 herbs that has had wide spread success in treating cancer. It can even be used in conjunction with traditional treatments without problems. Its worked so well that the funding was pulled when the original trials were performed in Canada.Best wishes! Good for you to being open to alternative treatments!

Stacey Stacey – 07/28/2012