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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Elva Bell

Personal Description:


Our mother told us Easter weekend 2008 that she had been dignosed with ovarian cancer and she would be having surgery two weeks later, my sister and I did not hesitate to be with she and my father through the event. My mother cared about us so much she did not tell us what stage the cancer was. My siblings and I had not been exposed to cancer, so we did not know to ask that question. I found out after the surgery that her cancer was stage four. Our mother’s biggest concern was to protect her children. She battled a horrible disease with perservence and so much grace and always put her family first. God blessed my with the best parents. I told my mother, in the middle of her fight, that she was the bravest person I knew. Her response was “Coming from you that means a lot”. I had had some struggles in adulthood and she was always there for me. I miss her greatly, but I know she is no longer suffering. God has a beautiful alto voice in his choir. I miss her greatly! The first anniversary of her passing is soon, but I know she is no longer suffering. I love you dearly!!

Personal Description:

Elva was an intelligent women that put her college education aside so our father could finish his, but that did not stop her. She a long career in the savings and loan business and selling new homes in the Charlotte area.

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