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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Estalee Levbarg

Personal Description:


In memory of my beautiful sister, Estalee (Essie) Levbarg who fought valiantly from the time she was diagnosed in December up until the day she lost her battle on May 1st.

Last updated on: 05/03/2011


Deepest condolences to the entire family

Jeri and Ted David – 05/15/2011

I am an old childhood friend who lost touch essie was my little sister and introduced me to my wife of 37 years in college.I am deeply saddened by her untimely passing and send my regrets to all.

Howard Chesler – 05/16/2011

BION I’m ipmrsesed! Cool post!

Isabelle Isabelle – 06/02/2011

That’s way more cvleer than I was expecting. Thanks!

Laneta Laneta – 07/14/2011

Mrs. Levbarg was my daughter’s former teacher and was so caring and thoughtful and I just learned of her death today. I am so sad to hear it. She always spoke so proudly about her family and loved education so much. She enriched our lives. Deepest condolences to her family.

Katherine Parkin – 11/19/2011

I’m sending you a litlte hug…and I’m proud of your husband, who, I’m sure, does incredible work to preserve and extend people’s lives.And I’ll say a prayer for your dad while I’m at it too.

Tonino Tonino – 09/03/2012