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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Evelyn Horn

Personal Description:


This is a tribute to my mom, Evelyn Horn, who passed away in 2002 after a four year battle with ovarian cancer. My mom was a wonderful, caring, vibrant person whose life was cut short by this insidious disease. She had so much more to give and my hope is that with funding and research, an early detection test will be invented.

Personal Description:

My mom had three children, one of whom, my brother, lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 32. My mom was vibrant and happy. She was married and had been retired for around 17 years and was 68 years old when she found out she had cancer. Also, her mother died at a young age from breast cancer. My mom kept telling her doctor that she was having mild abdominal pain. Even though ovarian cancer very rarely has symptoms, my mom did. She went back and forth to the GYN for two years and they could not figure it out. By the time they realized she had this cancer, it was already in stage IV. My sister and I miss her terribly. Whenever I have a problem in life, I try to think of what advice she might have given. It’s what gets me through. We love her and miss her, but she lives on in the spirit of our lives.

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Thulani Thulani – 03/29/2012

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Dalu Dalu – 09/03/2012