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Francesca DeSantis

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After 6 years and 5mos Francesca DeSantis left us on March 7,2012 for a more peaceful and painfree world. We love you and miss you
Class of 1975, Notre Dame High, Belmont

Last updated on: 03/09/2012


Your story is overwhelmingly thocuing and beautiful. I am new to your blog, but I can already tell that you are a lovely and amazing woman. Your kids are lucky to have you, and this blog will prove to be a wonderful memento of this time in your life. Even though this is a difficult time for you and you may not want to remember it in the future, these memories of your fight will help you realize how strong you are. Don’t give up your fight. You inspire people more than you realize!

Marcelo Marcelo – 03/29/2012

– These are gorgeous Jessica!! The light, coitosmpion, colors and styling are all awesome!! I can’t wait to buy a couple of these Ts too! I esp loved how you tied up your daughter’s pigtails to see the words on the back great idea and what a beautiful photo.

Sanae Sanae – 03/29/2012