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Freda Schulz

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My Tribute to my Mom
This is my mom. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 1994. She was and still is my hero. She was so brave in her battle, which lasted about 5 years. No matter what obstacle was thrown in front of her she faced it head on.

Last updated on: 05/23/2008


Tip top stuff. I’ll except more now.

Keylon Keylon – 07/14/2011

It has been great hearing your news, aglhouth I am more priviledged to be in regular touch with you than others who are following progress through this blog. Shame that it hasn’t been practical to load up pictures to the blog, but even if we have to switch to facebook to see them that isn’t too bad.Hope you don’t have any more falls your consultant wouldn’t be very happy if you came back to Colchester with a banged up knee again after he sorted it out last year !Hope the house build goes well looking forward to seeing the end result.

Jasmine Jasmine – 09/03/2012