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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Gayle Grant

Personal Description:


Update 5/26/09
Happy Birthday honey. You were on our minds today and we all miss you very much. We love you.

Alex Amanda, Jeff and Meredith

The Grant family would like to extend our deepest thanks to all who were able to join us this past Saturday to commemorate Gayle’s extraordinary life. True to her spirit, the weekend was reflective and uplifting, providing us great comfort. We appreciate your sharing of memories, affection, food, and time with us, and in travel. Thanks also for your donations and memories here. Love you all.

In memory of a true original, Gayle, who battled Ovarian Cancer with the same strength, determination, and grace that brought her success in achieving each goal that she ever set in life.

Personal Description:

Gayle Grant was born in Fontanelle, IA and grew up on a farm near Greenfield, IA. She proudly remained in her home state until marrying Alex Grant, her one-and-only beloved husband of 38 years. They raised three loving children between living in Illinois, Florida, and Virginia and helped to put them through college. She exceeded at her work with the Standard Register company for 18 years, and the company has since founded an Achievement Award in her name and honor. In her lifetime she founded and conducted a youth Gospel choir, acted in several plays, graduated from college, took care of her ailing mother, traveled across the US, Europe, Africa, and Canada, went hang-gliding, and displayed a charming wit and style throughout.

Gayle Grant was the strongest of spirits and inspired each person that she met. To know her was to respect the high standard that she set by simply being herself. She taught her husband and children that they can do anything. She will be cherished always.

Last updated on: 05/27/2009


Your Mom loved fun. She was a wonderful hostess. I’ll never forget a dinner party we were invited to and I was in awe of the food and table settings. She was serving a cool fruit salad in martini glasses. WOW, I loved it. The only problem was that with this lovely and creative food, she had purposely planned no silverware to eat with. We had to EARN It. I don’t remember how we did that, but you better believe we wanted to make those points so we could enjoy her delicious dinner.
Another time we were in your parents kitchen admiring Alex’s fantastic handiwork and cabintry skills, Jack noticed this photo on their refrigerator. He made a comment about this GORGEOUS lady in the photo with Gayle saying how pretty the two of them looked and who was that blonde chic. Gayle just started laughing and told Jack that it actually was a transvestite friend of hers from their favorite gay restaurant in the fan where they would eat Sunday brunch sometime. (Amanda, you can probably fill in the blanks on this person).
Gayle was so open minded and always ready for a good time.
We all loved the July 4th parties your Mom and Dad had and the fireworks were one of our favorite events. Gayle watched with amazement and patience as your Dad sent the fireworks soaring through a very small opening in the backyard trees into the night sky. We watched in amazement also because we could not believe the whole neighborhood did not catch on fire. We do remember the Chesterfield County policewoman appearing one year, but when she left we continued the show! Anytime we got together with your Mom and Dad we knew it would be fun!

Molly Pollard – 04/08/2009

I’ve thought every day about how to describe Gayle and the effect she had on our lives. I don’t remember the first time we met, but I do think about her Sunday School lesson on her family’s move to Florida. I think she had a little pitcher from the farm in Iowa and that was just such a treasured item from home. Florida wasn’t exactly a place Gayle loved at first and somehow the little pitcher was broken…..on the tile floors that made up the flooring in the new home. She told about how she would go into the closet to cry, being so homesick and just not liking the unfamiliar. But I remember she said they grew to enjoy it, and spent their Sunday afternoons in a sports bar yelling for the Bears. As we had spent our years moving with the Army, I could certainly relate to that lesson.

Who could forget Gayle and Alex hosting their 4th of July parties! What fun, and even though you could find “normal” food at the Grants, there were always some vegetarian or other unusual items.

I think what I loved best about Gayle was her smile and friendliness. When she and Alex came back to a party at the Pollard’s, it was as if she had never left Richmond. We picked up as if she had never been away, catching up with each other.

But my best memory has to be about tattoos. Dip and I asked Gayle and Alex to assist with the tattoos at Post Prom. They did that with us for two years before I realized that Gayle actually had a real tattoo. We had such fun laughing about that.

Gayle will be missed by all, but most by her adoring husband and wonderful children. Our love is with you all.

Judy and Dip

Judy Spiller – 04/15/2009

I worked with Gayle at SRC for just a few years. She was one cool lady. I learned SO much from her. She was so witty, organized, thoughtful, smart, compassionate and a true friend to all. The list could go on and on. She gave great parties and was a real Martha Stewart!!
But, I learned alot about being a Mother from her. She had a deep love for her family. She had so many great tips on raising children, some of these tips I never forgot. She should have written a book.
I know her family will miss her everyday, but will have many great memories to carry them throught the days and years ahead.

Jeanettej Blaylock – 04/16/2009

Dear Gayle: Love, joy and happiness were the bonds of our relationship for the past 35 years or so–even before you and Alex had children. Whether it was a day or years, seeing you and your family was always like you had never left. The entire Grant package has always been one of family, togetherness and wonderful times no matter where we went or what we did. We are aware we remain in eternal connection through these bonds and your life is with us always. Ellen and Gene

Ellen Wasson – 04/16/2009

Our family has been blessed to have been able to share in the magic that was Gayle’s life and she will forever be in our hearts. Sue, Keith, Alison and Amy

Sue Schmitz – 04/19/2009

Before this weekend, I only knew Gayle
through my daughter Erin, Jeff’s girlfriend, and through some brief correspondence that had taken place over the last few years. After spending some emotional and truly wonderful time with the Grant family and friends in Richmond, it is obvious that her beauty shines strong thorugh each and every person I met. What a wonderful legacy she leaves behind. I can honestly say, Gayle, you are the nicest person I never met. The footprint you leave behind is laced with all the colors of the rainbow.

Christie Tobey – 04/21/2009

Alex – I’m so sorry to hear about Gayle. Although I’ve lost touch with you over the years, I have great memories of you both from our times at Simpson, and I think of you both often. You are both ‘true originals’ in my book.

Steve Devine – 04/21/2009

We were saddened to hear about Gayle’s death. I will always remember her as a beautiful, fun loving and gracious person. I’m sorry that we lost touch over the years, I would have wanted to tell her how much I thought of her before she left you. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you. Alex, please send your address to us. Love and prayers, Larry and Diane

Larry & Diane Boone – 04/24/2009

Gayle & I both felt lucky to have come from Iowa roots. Faternal cousins just a few months apart in age, I loved my summer visits to the Tracy farm where Gayle & I found so many things to do. As adults we only met once, in 1989 when I was in Chicago on business. Gayle, Alex & the kids had the U-Haul packed to leave for Virginia? I’ll never forget the fun we had. We discovered we had so many things in common & I remember laughing the entire time. I’d hoped that someday we’d have another chance to visit, but the years just slipped by. Gayle exemplified the best qualities of the wonderful, strong, resourceful & giving women in our family. The memories she made will live on in our hearts forever~

Connie & Butch Hoge – 04/30/2009

I am sad to hear of Gayle’s death. Gayle was my pledge daughter at Simpson College. I remember her sweet, happy spirit. Her smile brought “sunshine” wherever she was. I am sorry we lost contact over the years. I know I will see her again someday in Heaven. May God bless and comfort your family, Alex.

Lynne (Harmon) Laughlin – 05/06/2009

Gayle’s spirit and love of life will always remain with me. She set the gold bar for being a mother, wife, and friend. Her patience, understanding, and wisdom guides me to this day (along with her wonderful recipes and child-rearing advice!) She always took the time to listen and care. No mountain was ever too high, no valley too low. Her smile would light up a room and her warmth drew people to her, especially me.
I had the privilege of knowing and working for Gayle for several years at Standard Register and she impacted my life in every aspect. She taught me so many things, including how to embrace my life as a wife and mother. I thank God for the gift of Gayle and the opportunity to have shared in her life. My thoughts and prayers will forever be with Alex, Amanda, Jeff and Meredith. I know heaven is singing a little louder with Gayle joining the chorus.

Nicole Crain – 12/12/2009

A year has passed and I still think about the 38 years we shared together. I miss you. Love forever.

Alex Grant – 03/25/2010

Sharp thinking! Thanks for the asenwr.

Kaylie Kaylie – 01/24/2012

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Ahmed Ahmed – 03/29/2012