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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Genevieve Ignomirello

Personal Description:


Dear Mom,you fought so hard this past year and made us all believe you could beat it, but ultimately, the cancer won. Your courage and strength were contagious and I can still feel your love enveloping me. Your loss has not fully registered, but the hole in my heart will never heal. The last year we had with you was a gift for which I will be eternally grateful. I miss you every day.

Personal Description:

Gen Ignomirello was widowed at an early age and raised 2 small children on her own. She was a life-long legal secretary who will always be remembered for her kindness, strength, sense of humor, and devotion to her family, particularly her adored grandchildren. In addition to being a fantastic cook, she also loved the beach, reading, music, the theater, Devils hockey, trips to Atlantic City and socializing with her many friends. Her smile lit up a room.

She was still working full time at 75(her genetics belied her age)when fell ill, having never been sick a day in her life. It started as subtle stomach issues that escalated into ascities. She had surgery in January 2011 and the surgeon was unable to debulk much of the cancer.

She bravely endured a year of chemo, and although it left her weak and unable to walk without a walker, she never let it stop her from enjoying life. After the taxol left her with terrible neuropathy she had to be swtiched to 3 more chemotherpies, but none of them stood a chance against that tumor. After enjoying the holidays with us, we were told the chemo was ineffective and there was no hope, and she reluctantly went on hospice.

Her will to live was amazing, yet finally accepting her fate, she suddenly and rapidly deteriorated and left this world on January 16, 2012.

I pray a cure for this horrible disease is found soon.

Last updated on: 02/10/2012


Gen’s light shines on in her daughter, Carolyn. May Mom Igs smile (and sometimes shake her head in surrender) as she looks down upon her lovely daughter and all of her family. Cancer may have taken her life, but it also showed us her strength. What a great lady.

Janine Sante – 02/10/2012

Carolyn, you were so fotunate to have such a wonderful, caring, and loving Mom. Cherish all your great memories of her; she’ll always be in your heart and your Guardian Angel going forward. I’m so sorry she suffered so much in the last years. We all have something to learn from her character and strength. May she Rest in Peace.

Jane Glassman – 02/11/2012

I wish I had known your mom,she sounds so wonderful! Lean on your friends at work when you feel sad. We are there for you.

Judy Abbatielllo – 02/13/2012

Great guest post! The culmbres and the big slice of peach really is a great combination. The picture is telling me I must make this. Thanks for posting this treat-yum!

Love Love – 02/27/2012

Erin, I am so sorry for your diagnosis and that you have to face this hriroble disease. But I also want to share with you some very positive news. My best friend was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in June of 2004! Although they will not say she is in remission. Since she’s had two reoccurances, she is doing very well! Hi Kelly, just a couple of items. a0Since Ali and I weren’t aware of the group lesson on Saturday, there was no way she could have made it. a0As that was the only time she could have ridden either Bling or Max we felt it wasn’t worth it for her to go (she would have had to leave early Sunday morning anyway to get ready for classes). a0Anyway, I reduced the October bill by the cost of the boot camp ($175). a0Hope that’s okay. a0If not, let me know.We also have a question about lessons on Max & Bling at Nationals. a0We cannot leave for Nationals until pretty late on Friday. a0I cannot get off work early that day due to a mandatory conference call. a0Ali doesn’t show until Monday so hoping to set up two last lessons on Saturday or Sunday.Let me know what works for you and we’ll be there!Thanks!JanieHang in there and fight!

Agnes Agnes – 03/29/2012

Happy Birthday Gen. I miss you very much. I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure to call you my friend.

Pina Zabala – 07/25/2012