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Gladys Hollingsworth

Personal Description:


My wonderful mother, Gladys lost her battle to ovarian cancer June 25, 2002.

Personal Description:

She was a loving wife, a mother to three, a grandmother to four (now 6), a dedicated RN, a strong Christian and a great friend.

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Scr = Scratch, or a handicap of 0:00. The Scratch rider is the fastset on past form. The handicapper then assigns a h/c to the other riders based on how far they are expected to finish behind the scratch person. This is based on a rider’s best ride in the last 3 years, knowledge of a rider’s form and/or a conservative guess (in that order). The handicap is then subtracted from your actual time to give your h/c time. So you, Sooz, as a newbie, were expected to finish 8 and a half minutes behind Peter (conservative guess as it’s your first event). This is subtracted from your actual 35:19 to give you a h/c time of 26:49. Your next h/c will be based on your new personal best. Well ridden by the way.

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