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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Glenda Perry

Personal Description:


To my husband Don who thru all of this has been and continues to be my rock. To my family,I counldn’t ask for a better support team. You have all listened, visited and called to make me laugh and remind me why I am doing what ever it takes to fight this desease. To all my angels….keep up the good work, together we will win!

Personal Description:

After many years of painful periods I finally convinced my Dr that something was seriously wrong. After a pelvic scan he decided I had many large fibroid tumors in my uterus and that if should be removed. Although I was only 32 I had a family history of fibroids so we both agreed this was best. After that life was good. My health improved and I felt better than I had in a long time. Nine years later, still feeling good and recently remarried. Christmas time 1999 I suddenly and without warning passed out and when I came to I was in excrutiating pain. Rushed to the hospital I was initially diagnosised with appendicitis. Sent home with pain pills I woke up in the night very sick and couldn’t breath. Rushed to the hospital again, given a CT scan I was told I just had an inflamed uterus and would be given given more pills. After I informed this Dr that I had no uterus, things got interesting FAST. I was rushed into surgery where they removed a large tumor. The oncologist told me it was cancer but it was not the kind to spread. They did have to remove my ovaries however so I was put on hormones and told I was not in need of any other treatment. Never, were the words Overian cancer used. I went about my life and never thought twice about it. Seven years later, my husband and I ride our motorcycle and love to take long trips. The trips got more and more uncomfortable as my husband leans back on me and I was spending more time in the bathroom than usual. New Dr, does a CT scan and immediately sent me to a Gyn oncologist who within 1 week had me in surgery to remove a ‘huge mass’ that seemed to be interferring with my bladder. Ended up removing the tumor, part of my bladder and one foot of my intestines. Finally, the words Ovarian cancer are spoken and a treatment plan of radiation and Chemo follow. It was amazing how relieved I felt just having a diagnosis. It gave me something to look into and understand and armed me with questions that prepared me when this last April I was given the news that it is back and this time is in both lobes of my liver. We as a team are in unchartered territory as there is no treatment plan on any books for this diagnosis. Currently I am getting heavy Chemo treatments that require a 1 week hospital stay every month. I know this is for a reason as it has already brought my family closer. I intend to win this fight again and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Well, here I am, August 2010, still fighting this cancer. after losing all my hair (again) and having a horrible round of treatments (3) in the hospital, we tried 3 rounds of Doxil chemo. This not only didn’t to any good but the tumors grew and spread. My GYN Oncologist then made the great decision to send me to a regular Oncologist. In March of this year I started treatments of Avastin. No harsh side effects and this has been the least intrusive treatments ever. My hair is back (curly) and stronger than ever. The treatments, IV 1/2 hr every other week are the easiest thing I have done. This does not affect the blood in any way so my Immune system is not compromised. After 3 months we did a CT scan and there was a 10 percent shrinkage in the largest tumor. I have had 3 months of more treatments and next week another CT scan will show if we are still getting shrinkage. There has been no spreading and I am thrilled with the results so far….

Last updated on: 08/17/2010


please let me know how you are feeling. My mother was diagosed w/ stage 4 ovarian cancer in 9/2006. She has gone in remission for about 1 yr and then it comes back. She just found out it is back for the 3 time. She will begin chemo again this Tuesdy.

Please let me know how you are feeling and hat type of treatment you are receiving.

maria taylor – 01/02/2010

Hello, still here and fighting. The hospital visits showed no success. It has been a long year but I am still here. After the hospital chemo we tried Doxil Chemo for 3 treatments. CT scan after that showed that the tumors had spread and my Gyn Oncologist did not know what to do next so he sent me to a regular oncologist at the Loma Linda Cancer Center. In March of this year 2010 we began treating this as liver cancer and I started receiving Avastin treatments. So easy, no real side effects. 1/2 hr IV every other week and in 3 months we say a 10 percent decrease in the largest tumor. I have had 3 months more of treatment and next week go for another CT scan to see the changes now. I believe this is the best and easiest thing I have ever done to get this under control. Unfortunetly Grandulosa Cell Tumors move from place to place so I think this is an ongoing thing. Are we ever ‘clean’ from this Cancer? I think not. How is your mom?

Glenda Perry – 08/17/2010

Hello there, and I hope you are doing well. Maria I read your story and you sound like one tough woman! My mother also has Ovarian Cancer and we are fighting so hard right now! Please keep us updated on your condition. I will pray for you!

Yolanda – 04/04/2011

Hello there, and I hope you are doing well. Maria I read your story and you sound like one tough woman! My mother also has Ovarian Cancer and we are fighting so hard right now! Please keep us updated on your condition. I will pray for you!

Yolanda – 04/04/2011

With the bases ldoead you struck us out with that answer!

Rosalinda Rosalinda – 06/02/2011