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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Gloria Jackson

Personal Description:

Last updated on: 10/31/2008


A family tree consists of each member and the contributions made to the root of the life of that tree. Each person is a complete whole part of the tree. As a leaf we shade each other and privide the breath needed to sustain us all. As a branch we reach out, shelter and provide strength that keeps us all out of harms way. As the bark we endure the elements of society and it’s harshness that could strip us bare. As the Sap we reproduce the very esistence that gives life to the entire entity. But as the root we are stead fast, we are upright, we are powerful never yeilding although buried deeply we are that which keeps it all alive. We are family inspite of the location we may be on the tree. There is no one without the all. When a leaf from our family tree is taken away on the spirit of the air, the other parts join together to rebuild, reunite and reproduce making that which is the root of our lives that much stronger. To all our leaves that ride the wind i say i will soon be flowing along that same line only to be reborn better than i was when first i encountered the wind. Love you all my family

Michael Pierre Henson – 10/31/2008

When I needed you, you were always there. When I called, you answered. I needed to talk you listened…You are who you are and for that I LOVE YOU…I remember the summertimes on the block, 9th street shopping, your famous greens and ribs, watching black and white movies, chinese carry out, italian water ices and Mr. softy ice cream.

You are an original plain and simple, we knew it, the block knew it, the neighborhood knew it…all of north philly knew it – look there goes Ms. Glo…So to you a well deserved rest for someone that started out as my big sis and ended as the best friend I ever had. Love you always your little brother Bops…

Michael Armstead – 10/31/2008

To my Aunt Glo, My memories are pleasant and affectionate. what I will always remember and love about my aunt was that she loved dancing to her own music. I can see her now dancing with Gwenny. My times with Glo were fun. I miss her blasting her oldies or we all watching the Honey Moonners. Glo changed the atmosphere with her demeanor and diva attitude which I didn’t know anything about a Diva until I was older, and now I know that she was thee distinguished dancer (with a kick)LOL, She was class and style. I guess I loved the way she carried herself all the time, I’m laughing now, even thinking about her walking down the street and everyone watching her looking fabulous. That’s cool to have someone in your family at that age, and everyone looking in awe. Isn’t it great to not to have anything negative too say about a person. It’s wonderful to be around Lovable loved ones. Loving you, Boogie Bear

Eteecio Bussie Sr – 10/31/2008

It?s very difficult to go from day to day without the person that has had so much impact in your life and who has help mold you to be the person that you are. Because of YOU I?ve learned to endure my pain and be thankful for my tomorrows, I?ve learned to face life?s hardships head on with boldness and faith, I?ve learned that GOD is my source of strength, I?ve learned to trust again, I?ve learned that big sisters can sometimes step in during the mist of the storm and be a mom to her little brothers?

Because of YOU I?ve strengthened my relationship with GOD. It was you that encouraged me to pray. Sis I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being everything to me before and after mom passed?YOU are truly an inspiration to me?We will continue to fight for a cause?Love Always Your Little Bother

Lester H. Harmon – 10/31/2008

I am writing this because you were an inspiration in my life. Though our time together was short. The moments and lessons were valuable and countness. You were a true example of living, and loving life to the fullest. I thank God everyday for you and pray for a cure for the disease that took you away from us.


Monique R. Armstead
sister- in- law
Riverdale, Md.

Monique R. Armstead – 10/31/2008

It DOESN’T ‘GET BETTER'; it just GETS DIFFERENT. Everyday ‘my’ Grief puts on a new face. Wendy Feireisen.

When someone you love becomes a MEMORY, the MEMORY becomes a TREASURE; and this is how I feel about You,
My beloved Aunt, Glo. You will NEVER NEVER NEVER Be Forgotten. There is not one day that I don’t have a thought of You that make me SMILE or BUST out with LAUGHTER. I LOVE YOU So Much and MISS You Even More.
Your Loving Niece, April in GA

APRIL BAXTER – 10/31/2008

To Our Dear Mother,

Mom we miss you more than words could ever say. I think back to the wonderful times we once shared. We were very fortunate to have you as our mother and would never trade that short time in for nothing in the world. I hope some day there will be a cure for that horrible horrible disease.
Love always,
Your daughter Teeann

Teeann Jackson – 10/31/2008

Yoru birthday still lingers in my heart and mind…I miss you so much to it hurts…as April said it best “You DON’T GET OVER IT, you just GET THROUGH IT.” much peace and love –

Lester Harmon – 09/21/2009