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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Hayedeh Ahrabian

Personal Description:


Rice University’s ECE/DSP Group mourns the loss of Dr. Hayedeh Ahrabian, 1956-2011, prominent scientist, teacher and beloved mother of Rice PhD student Amirali Aghazadeh.

Personal Description:

Dr. Hayedeh Ahrabian was the first professor of theoretical computer science in Iran. She was a distinguished teacher and a noted researcher in theoretical computer science and bioinformatics. As one of the founders of bioinformatics in Iran, she inaugurated the subject at the University of Tehran where she supervised several PhD students.

Last updated on: 08/11/2011


Not only she was agreat professor , she was the best mom,wife, dougher ,sister,friend,and person for all.

shani gohari – 08/15/2011

She was the epitome of kindness, if we wanted to understand kindness we just had to look at her. The most giving person I have ever known. I miss her very much and she will always have a special place in my heart.

Jila Mohandesi – 08/17/2011

She was a very kind, thoughtful, and accomplished individual who will be missed by her immediate family, her extended family, her students, her friends, and all who knew her.

Ali Reza Gohari – 08/18/2011

What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for ponsitg!

Matei Matei – 08/23/2011

She was one of the most beautiful and amazing women I have ever known. Her kindness and benevolance has deeply impacted my life and I am sure it has many others. I miss you Hayedeh jan!

Negar Gohari – 08/24/2011

She was one of the best professors and supervisors my wife and I ever had in our academical educations. We convey my sincere condolence to her family and colleagues.

Saeed Samet – 11/05/2011

I was diagnosed with colon canecr when I was 22 years old. Having this old person disease absolutely changed my life. I went through 4 surgeries over a 4 month period, including a temporary ileostomy. I felt very isolated. Few people came to see me, few people called. My friends didn’t know how to approach me or deal with it so they just stopped coming around. While I was in the hospital my husband left me. I maintained a very positive attitude through it all because I could see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. But the hard part was, I went from being a married, normal, adventurous woman, to someone who couldn’t leave the house and had no one but her parents to spend time with.When I healed from the surgeries and was told I could get on with my life I wondered how I was supposed to do that. How do I get a new job now? How do I live the life of a single adult? I felt like I was in a rut and no one I knew could understand. They wondered why I wasn’t moving forward, why I wasn’t embracing life now that I was better. But life was different. I didn’t know what my life was anymore.But it got better. I met someone. I got a job. I found new hobbies. I found new friends. Through determination and faith, I moved on. I always knew I would, I just didn’t exactly know how to get there. But God carried me. When I didn’t know what step to take, He picked me up and showed me. Cancer was the battle of my life. It still is. I have a hereditary condition called Lynch Syndrome so I am constantly battling to stay healthy in order to avoid a re-occurrence or a new canecr. I have also been diagnosed with Endometriosis and will most likely never have children. My life is going to be far different than I ever imagined it being, but I can honestly say that it is far better than it was before I had canecr. Cancer was the best experience of my entire life. Yes, it was painful, and lonely, and scary, and miserable but it was also in a weird way freeing, and liberating canecr taught me something that few people my age get the chance to learn. It showed me what is truly important in life. All of the things that I wanted before canecr took a backburner afterwards. It changed my goals and I think, because of that, I am going to have a much more full life. I see things differently now. The world looks more vibrant to me. I think it would have been sad if I had gone my whole life never knowing how it felt to see the world this way. I’m grateful for it all. But I am mostly grateful to still have my life. I pray everyday that the canecr doesn’t come back. And having a good canecr support group online has helped me deal with the negative effects of canecr. I have also applied to attend First Descents this summer in Vail, CO and am looking forward to meeting people who have been through similar experiences. I love this organization and hope to be more involved with it in the future. It is definitely needed.

Cristina Cristina – 03/29/2012

Wow Regan thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Living like you are dying is a ncocept that many people strive to achieve, but don’t. You have! And now as a healthy young adult you are living a life filled with love, laughter, and ambition this is inspiring to us all! So excited that you will hopefully be joining us for a camp this summer, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!!-FD

Joferjohn Joferjohn – 03/29/2012

To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die… She’s always there for us all..

Nessa Aghazade – 06/25/2012

Words cannot truely describe her beautiful soul. God bless her, and she is always in our hearts.

Bita Rais – 06/25/2012

Hayedeh was one of the most person and amazing woman in my family,I miss her very much.

Farzaneh Ghiasi – 06/25/2012

Wowww.. Very good speech. I’m 15 as well and I wloudn’t be able to come up with something like that. I really liked it. You could add a bit more about how you were feeling [emotions] into it to make your speech more emotive. People will be persuaded to put on sun cream if you tell them what it’s like to lose someone close to you and it oculd happen to them.

Sally Sally – 09/04/2012

We were classmates when she just entered Tehran University back in 1974.She was an outstanding student.It was sad to hear about her but she has left enough publications that no so many people do.Lets be positive and follow her foot steps.I am sure that is the best way to appreciate her great academic achievements.

Bagher Motamed – 10/07/2012