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Helen Kamshilina

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I may not say something new. When you lose your mother you’re losing a part of yourself. That was on November,28, when I felt that something is dying in me. I’ve lost my mom.
She was only 53, but she had a real scorpion’s character. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer IIIc on March 2009. But till the very end she didn’t show us that has no strength to fight with this disease. I promise to save my love memories till the end of my life…Love you forever

Last updated on: 12/21/2011


You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sahirng.

Gracye Gracye – 01/23/2012

Crystal, there is real power in all the sharing you do with ohrets on this site. The struggle is yours, and we’ll never fully understand it, but in sharing everything you’re going through, it does help us to better understand the people who are battling things like this in our own lives.I don’t know you, but I am thankful for your life and for all that you do. You are an inspiration.With love,Nate

Mussawir Mussawir – 03/29/2012

what is this!?! Cancer is not a joke. None of those people have ever had sonoeme they love die from cancer. Im not saying you should just give up but there is no reason to make fun of it!!

Shivam Shivam – 07/27/2012