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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Irene Donatelli

Personal Description:


To my Great-Aunt Irene Donatelli. She was a ‘one of a kind’ sister, wife, aunt & friend that will never be forgotten. She battled cancer as best she could, all the while living a life filled with love, laughter, hard work and giving so generously of herself.

Known for her sense of humor and cross stitching she always had a way of making you feel special. She impacted all of our lives tremendously and will be missed greatly.

Personal Description:

Irene lost her battle to ovarian cancer on October 10th, 2009. She is someone we will always admire for her strength, generosity, sense of humor and passion for family.

Irere, there are so many wonderful memories we shared with you. We love you and may you rest in peace. You will be missed every day. xoxo.

In honor of Irene, Kristin (her great-niece) will be running the 2010 Boston Marathon and will be raising money to support ovarian cancer research.

Last updated on: 11/14/2009


Thank you for honoring my sister Irene with such love and affection.Remember that your visit to FL was the best gift you could have given her. Thank you for coming. I love you….Gram

Nadine Mercier – 10/22/2009

Our trip to Florida all together was amazing….. I will treasure that forever. I know Irene’s last few days with us all made her so happy and peaceful. As you know, Irene was a very special Aunt to me who gave so much of herself. I miss her so much. For you to continue the fight against cancer in her name is truely moving. Thank you Kristin for all you do and more! Love, MOM

Mom Blanchette – 10/23/2009

Irene was an extraordinary person,will
be in our harts for ever.

Ana M Kraus – 11/08/2009

Kristin, Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for my dearest friend & your most beloved Aunt. May your memories give you the strength to compete in the Boston Marathon. Love, Debbie Rich

Debbie Rich – 11/10/2009

Kristin, I also loved and will miss Irene. Best of luck in the Boston Marathon. Emily Rich

Emily Rich – 11/10/2009

That is a beautiful tribute, Kristen. Irene and I became friends after we bought our condo in Bradenton and we spent many, many hours doing jig saw puzzles together, each challenging the other to find more pieces! She fought a valiant battle for 5 years, but she continued living her life as best she could. I admired her intelligence, kindness, generosity,
and her wonderful creative talent, especially in her embroidery. I miss her.


Carol Messina – 11/12/2009

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