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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Janet S. Burrill-Grant

Personal Description:


This is dedicated to our wife, mother, and grandmother who lost her courageous battle to ovarian cancer on June 25, 2010. Jan was the nucleus of our family, offering love, guidance and support to all of us. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Personal Description:

Jan was born in Columbus, Indiana and lived a significant portion of her life in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Jan would have been 70 years old this summer. During her lifetime, she was a Licensed Practical Nurse, and worked extensively in the medical, dental, and chiropractic fields.

A very healthy women who noticed some abdominal pain and bloating over two years ago, Jan learned that she had Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer following surgery. She had bi-annual appointments with her gynecologist for much of her life. To all of us, the disease surprised us and seemingly appeared overnight. Jan had very thorough medical care and at times it looked like she was going to win the war. She was fortunate to be surrounded by a very dedicated group of medical professionals who were compassionate throughout her treatment.

Jan is survived by her husband Marvin, sons Kevin, Ed, and Steve; daughters-in-law Kristy, Roberta and Kris. She is also survived by her grandchildren Zachary, Alexandra, Chase, Jamie, Abbie, Alex, Sam, and Ben.

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