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Janice Rogers

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One Day At A Time!
Hope, Faith, Courage and Strength

Personal Description:

It all began on October 31st, 2007 when I got that horrific phone call that said, “You have Ovarian Cancer. There are two 9 inch tumors on your ovaries, one on your bowel and one on your liver.” I thought the floor fell out from underneath me. We researched 3 hospitals and chose Sloan-Kettering in Manhattan. The day I met my surgeon was the day I put my life in their hands. They did a chest X-ray and found a few spots on my lungs. They decided not to do surgery first. We dove into chemo. Taxol/Carboplatin. 4 rounds. Another x-ray and the lungs looked better and the two large tumors shrunk. Surgery! After the 8 hour surgery then home to recoup. 4 days later an infection and back into sloan to drain it. Recoup, again! 4 more rounds of chemo. Numbers still coming down!!! 2 rounds of Cisplatin: IP not IV this time. UGGGHHH This was the worst! I could not handle anymore than 2 rounds. Back to Carbo/Taxol for 2 rounds then time for CT. Results=NED! Study Vaccine for a year. CT’s throughout all NED. CA125=9 from 3,550. Just had another CA125 and it’s even lower. A 5!!! Amazing!
One Day At A Time, ladies and that brings me to June 19, 2011!!

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