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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Jean Thorbrogger

Personal Description:


Our lovely Mom lost her three year battle with ovarian cancer on June 16, 2009. She fought so hard to survive, always with a quiet grace and positive spirit. I miss her every day.

Last updated on: 12/20/2009


My mom was the same way and she lost her battle after 13 months. She fought hard and all the doctors and nurses said “You never complain!” Quiet grace and positive spirit sounds just like my mom and I completely understand how you feel. It really helps to talk to people in the same situation. God bless you and your family!

Julie Tatham – 12/07/2009

Thank you Julie for your kind and inspirational message.

W & L Thorbrogger on behalf of Thorbrogger Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren who all loved Mom so much.

W & L Thorbrogger – 12/27/2009

Mom, we think about you every day and miss you so much. Though the joy that you brought us is so difficult to live on without, our memories of your love and your strength remain so clear to comfort and inspire us forever.

Brian and Anne Thorbrogger – 10/05/2010

I am missing my mother so much. Mother’s day is the hardest for me. Thinking of all Mom’s that are here and have past.

Julie Tatham – 05/08/2011

No more s***. All posts of this quatliy from now on

Keyanna Keyanna – 06/02/2011

My dad died of cancer 11/22/09I miss him so much. I took care of him aolsmt till he passed away. He even said the hardest part of dying is leaving you. This song makes me think of when he said this to me. R.I.P. Daddy I love you

Estrella Estrella – 09/03/2012